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 Mounting and Custom Support Frames


Mounting helps display, reduce deformation, and  distribute the weight of the textile. A custom made frame is made, fabric is stretched to fit the frame. Then the textile is attached to the mounted fabric. 

Custom Support Frames

The custom support frame is particularly useful for displaying very fragile or heavy textiles vertically. It also helps distribute the weight of the textile, provide air circulation, and makes it easier to clean the back. The frame is made of aluminum strips 1" wide and 1 /4" thick. Aluminum is used because it does not deteriorate textiles and is durable for heavier pieces. The frame is customized to match the shape of the textile with additional aluminum stripes in the middle, depending on size and weight of the textile. Lining is attached to the textile, then Velcro is used to attach the textile to the frame. The hooked part is glued to the frame and the fuzzy (woolly) part is hand-sewn to the lining with additional diagonal basting stitches from both sides of the fuzzy Velcro part to help to keep the weaving and lining together. Attaching the fuzzy (woolly) to the textile gives opportunity to roll weaving for storage and transportation without the hooked part damaging the textile. The support frame is portable because it can be easily disassembled and reassembled.

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