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Projects involve taking one or more pieces, and combining them to create a new object, according to a pre-determined design. Below are specific examples I have worked with in the past.

I was approached by an interior designer to create a runner that needed to be a  particular size and style. The design was made to put together multiple pieces of a similar period and style. For the central panel golden thread embroidery was transferred from a crumbling silk background to an antique velvet fabric. The end panels were assembled from pieces of antique fabric, upholstery, and different types of trim. All sections were sewn together and a double border was attached to cover faded areas of velvet fabric.

This Turkish metal  embroidery lost its original velvet background fabric, leaving only the lining. The embroidery part was in good condition, so I was asked to install a new velvet background. I was provided with a velvet fabric of similar color and quality. Then I attached it around the design of the embroidery.

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